Book Overview


Ballad for Emma depicts the life journey of a woman of Jewish descent who, amid the turmoil of the twentieth century, struggles both to survive and to cope with her love for a man she cannot have. Her story dovetails with that of the old Trenck’s Castle, whose fate is miraculously intertwined with hers. Set in Croatia and Hungary, this book explores the dramatic position of one woman under the fascist and communist regimes that left such bloody marks on Europe.


In this thriller about love, betrayal, and the price of revenge, Marta comes of age in Croatia shortly before the fall of communism in Europe.

After the atrocious war in her homeland destroys her innocence and her hometown of Vukovar falls to the enemy, she is forced to flee. Left only with haunting memories and difficult questions, Marta tries to rebuild her shattered life in New York, but the unforgiving metropolis holds challenges far greater than she could have foreseen. There she finds the man she once loved and lost, and has to confront the ghastly events from her past.


Trapped in a labyrinth of secrets and lies, Marta struggles to find a way out and return to the light. Can she make it?


Discover through the pages of author Blanka Raguz’s The Labyrinth of Vukovar.